Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For the Love of Flowers

Valentine’s day often means flowers and whether you’re giving your sweetheart a bouquet or arranging a centerpiece for a romantic dinner, one wants one’s bouquet to look it’s best.
This past weekend, we hosted a dinner party in honor of the romantic holiday, and to celebrate I wanted to create a lush centerpiece with gorgeous and bursting blooms. So, off to the market I went to discover what was available.

After perusing the various flowers, I decided to purchase some white hydrangeas, a dozen blushing roses and a dozen red tulips. When I returned home, I began creating my centerpiece using the hydrangeas as my backdrop to the roses and tulips, all crowning a cherubic pedestal. 


Before I added my roses, though, I used a hint I discovered in Carlos Mota’s book, “Flowers Chic and Cheap.” I’ve blogged about his wonderful book before and it has never let me down.

In his book, Mr. Mota suggests gently opening up your rosebuds with a blow dryer. The gentle warm air generated by the dryer, unfurls the petals for a lush and full bloom without the wait!

This little trick had my blooms awake and ready for our guests, and was a wonderful addition to our table!

So, as you prepare to give your bouquet this holiday…make sure it is the best that it can be before you present it to your loved one!

For your copy of Mr. Mota’s book click below!

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  1. Love it! Happy Valentine's Day to the Domestic Dandy!


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