Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Illuminated Dandy

Battery-operated Flameless Outdoor Candles
I love these outdoor battery-operated flameless candles from Frontgate.

Remote for Battery-operated Outdoor Flameless Candle
I originally purchased five for our outdoor garden chandelier last year and the remote was a godsend! I…or rather Brian…didn’t have to  climb a ladder to light the candles each time we wanted some glow. Instead, I merely point and click to illuminate the flickering candles hanging from our 200 year old oak tree.

And now that spring is under way, I ordered three more in varying sizes for the rest of our patio.

A 9” for our towering lantern on our coffee table and two 6” tall candles for the hanging lanterns on our fence.
Now, when we relax in our garden we are surrounded by a peaceful and beautiful glow on demand!

Purchase your set of candles here and add a glowing ambience to your summer evenings.

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