Thursday, May 24, 2012

2012 Summer Must-Haves

As we head off for the Memorial Day holiday and the beginning of summer, I wanted to share with you the top 5 must-have items on the Domestic Dandy's list for summer fun!

1. A nice tan
Before heading off to your summer event or vacation, make sure your skin is kissed with a golden tan. It not only makes your skin look healthy and glowing, but really makes your summer wardrobe pop! Ranking number 1 again on the Dandy list is my favorite sunless tanner, Jergens’ Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer. I’ve tried several other tanners and none compare to the ease of use and consistent color that this moisturizer offers. It dries quickly as well so you can dress immediately after applying!

2. A fun and interesting beach read
Whether you are looking for a trashy or serious novel, one should always carry a book to the beach. Not only does it keep one's mind occupied, but it also comes in handy as a prop when trying to eavesdrop on your beach neighbors story about last night’s debauchery.

For those captivated by the 2008 financial crisis, the ensuing financial scandals, and the lives of the wealthy, Cristina Alger’s novel, The Darlings offers a glittering and ultimately disenchanting glimpse into New York High Society. Her debut novel featuring the Darling family and its patriarch, billionaire financier Carter Darling, weaves a tale of the wealthy elite and all of its trappings into a fast paced suspenseful thriller.

For the history buff, I recommend Gabriele Wills’ novel, The Summer Before the Storm.  This richly detailed novel about the Age of Elegance begins in Muskoka, Canada in 1914 as the affluent and powerful Wyndham family are enjoying their summer months on their private island, Wyndwood. The idyllic lake atmosphere, however, turns choppy as unknown family members begin turning up and WWI approaches. From the descriptions of the pristine, island-dotted lakes and summer mansions to the sinking of the Lusitania and war torn Europe this beautifully written book takes you on a wonderful ride that you won’t soon forget. 

3. A great pair of sunglasses
We’ve all done it. In fact, we still have drawers filled with what was once THE most trendiest sunglasses. This year, before heading out to purchase those “get noticed” glasses, take a peak at Real Simple's “Sunglasses for Every Face Shape” by Yolanda Wikiel. Ms. Wikiel walks you through what works for your face shape and where to find that perfect pair of sunglasses.

shorts4. A great looking...and fitting...swimming suit If you're headed to the beach this summer, make sure to take a great bathing suit with you. This is especially important for the gentleman. Nothing makes me want to do a clothing make over more than when I see a gent on the beach wearing ill-fitting basketball shorts. Please guys, respect yourself and your significant other by upgrading your swimsuit. They may not mention it, but they'll appreciate the extra care you've taken to look good standing next to them. Park & Ronen offer several options for the modern man. With suits ranging from a 2" inseam to a longer 12" inseam, they have you covered for the amount of skin you want to show. For the more daring individual, I recommend checking out Swimsuits range from bikinis and briefs to a more modest square cut trunk. Either way you’ll be ready to tackle sand and surf!

bag5. A fun weekend bag to tote all of your summer essentials
Never underestimate the importance of a stylish weekend bag. Whether stepping off of a plane, gangplank or emerging from a cab, a striking statement bag is essential. A dandy vacation memory from last year was stepping off of the fast ferry in Provincetown with my blue w/white piping weekend bag in tow and meeting many a stranger on the street as they complemented my choice in luggage. To find your signature bag check out or if you're looking to spend a little more, check out Mr. Porter!

There you have it! The Domestic Dandy "2012 5 Summer Must-Haves" for a fun and fashionable summer.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and don't forget the sunscreen!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Fresh Cup Always Makes Me Smile

Recently, I acquired retainers to improve my smile. Along with a brighter smile, however, I also got a Dandy idea!
Polident 3 Minute, Antibacterial Denture Cleanser, Triple Mint FreshnessAs I was cleaning my retainers with a Polident tablet, I realized that they could be used as a convenient and easy way to clean my coffee cups at work!

Now when I need to clean my cups, I simply throw in a tablet, add hot water from the water cooler and after 3 minutes rinse it out. The results?

A fresh and sparkly coffee cup ready for another day!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

From Bravo to Bethesda...

Are you a fan of the dramatic line up on Bravo?!

While I haven't watched an episode of "The Real Housewives" since the disastrous DC season, I'm a huge fan of Bravo's "man-about-town" Andy Cowen.

With drinking games, plead the fifth, and fun and campy guests, his WWHL (Watch What Happens Live) show has become a force of it's own. And now that he's touring with his new book "Most Talkative" you can meet him in person!

Andy will be signing copies of his new book "Most Talkative" at the Front Row Fashion Show in Bethesda on Friday, May 18. Grab your copy here and make sure to head over to Bethesda to meet the animated author!

For more information about the fashion events at Front Row go to for RSVP details and special offers.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From the Office to the Gym…

I desperately needed some organization in our gym. With the DVD’s, yoga equipment and clipboards everywhere it was hard to concentrate on my workouts. Thankfully…once again…the Container Store came to my rescue!

I was searching for some type of shelving that would hold all of my fitness accoutrement, but would also be easy to install. As I perused the wares at the Container Store, I stumbled upon this silver mesh wall sorter.

Usually reserved for file folders, I saw an instant solution to my gym conundrum. Not only would it help me with organization, but the modern metal mesh design would fit perfectly into our gym d├ęcor.

Once Brian installed the sorter and I organized the gym, I was able to once again focus and “Bring it” to my workouts!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Dandy Gift

Missed out on the teacup candle sale on No worries! DIY'er Meg Perotti shows you how to make your own for Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Dandy Gift

Dandy gifts for mom!

Looking for a unique gift to give your mom this Mother's Day?! Check out "Green Eyed Girl's" teacup candles!

Brooklyn-based designer Cate Reilly, takes vintage tea cups and saucers and repurpsoses them into these beautiful one-of-a kind candles. Grab one today and show your mom now special she is. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Dandy Idea

Check out this month's Domestic Dandy column in the May Bridal issue of "Front Row Monthly!"
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