Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Art in Chocolate

Looking to add some pizazz to your cupcakes?

Recently, a friend had a birthday and I wanted to make something special and unique to celebrate. I thought of the ubiquitous jimmies or candy confetti or even sanding sugar, but then I thought of my past experience with melting chocolate into monograms and shapes for cakes and decided to try and make something modern and fun for my cupcakes.

After making a batch of mini chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, I began creating my chocolate adornments.

I began by melting white chocolate chips and dark chocolate chips on the low setting in my microwave. After it was throroughly melted and malleable, I placed it in a sandwich bag.

Then after snipping off a small corner of the sandwich bag, I began creating free flowing "squiggles" out of the melted chocolate. When I finished laying out my forms on wax paper, I placed them in the freezer and waited for them to harden.

Once they were ready, I began placing them in my cupcakes.

The results, a fun and modern dessert!

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