Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dandy Travel Necessities

As we all head off to various parts of the country and the world for our last summer hoorah, here are my top travel necessities.
1. A Good Travel Bag or Carry-On
The number one item, I always carry with me is a traveling or carry-on bag. This contains all of the essentials I need at my fingertips to make my travels, if not easier, then at least a little more enjoyable!

My favorite bag for traveling is my Eagle Creek guide bag. It has seen me through many adventures and has never let me down. It's compact size and various pockets are ideal for carrying anything you might need.

2. An E-Reader
My second essential is my kindle fire. I love my kindle! Filled with books to read and word games to play, it keeps me occupied on my way to my destination. 

3. A Good Facial Cloth
My third necessity is a small package of Biore Cleansing Cloths. This is a wonderful item to take with you on a long flight or road trip. Just before arrival, simply pull out a sheet and freshen up. Not only does it feel wonderful, but because of your fresh faced glow your hosts will never know you've just spent 5 hours in the car!

4. Oral B’s Brush-Ups
My fourth top travel necessity is a packet of Oral B’s Brush-Ups. These perfectly sized teeth wipes are great for quickly brushing your teeth before saying “Hello” to your hosts. Just tear open the package, place on your pointer finger and brush your teeth clean. Wallah….no more Doritos and coffee breath…come on you know you’re guilty of it too…

5. A Travel Journal
Next on my list is my travel journal. Used mostly on longer trips, I love not only writing about my new travels, but also reading my past vacation entries on my way to my destination. 

6. A Warm and Cozy Scarf
The final essential, I take with me on my chillier travels, is a scarf. This is an essential in a car or on a plane where space is at a premium. Feeling a bit chilly? Don’t lug your bulky jacket around with you. Simply pull out your scarf and drape around your neck. Getting to warm? Simply pack it away, until needed once more.

Well, that does it. My top travel necessities. Make sure to take them on your trip, and see how they enhance your life.

Safe Travels Everyone!

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