Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Skeletons in the Dandy's Closet

As an avid organizer, I LOVE this idea from Good Housekeeping magazine. Besides being a great hint, it also offered me yet another reason to shop at my favorite store, The Container Store.
Before being enlightened by this time tested magazine, the pants in my closet were a disaster.
No matter how many times I tried to straighten out my pants, they would slide to one end of the hanger looking messy and becoming wrinkled in the process.
So, heeding the advise of GH, I went out and bought some child sized hangers to hang my pants. The results were fantastic. For just $6 and some change, my closet is now streamlined, organized and I'll say it, just more Dandy!

Try this trick at home and see for yourself how it works for you!

Sidenote: After redoing my side of the closet, my husband begged me to redo his side as well. A Dandy's work is never done!

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