Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Dandy Shopper Tote

Recently, I posted about the Tote Buddy, A clever way to organize and store your shopping bags.

I loved the concept and wondered if I could make one of my own at home. I began by cutting up a cardboard box to use as the sides of my shopper tote.

Take an ordinary cardboard box...
cut down to the dimensions you need for your shopper tote
Once I had my dimensions and cut my cardboard to the desired size, I took a sheet of vinyl remnant (you could also use old wallpaper) and trimmed it to cover my cardboard sides. Make sure you leave room for your shopper tote to expand (see white space between my cardboard sides).

Using colored duct tape, I sealed the edges of the vinyl remnant around the cardboard and lined the inside of my shopper tote. 
duct tape lines the inside of my shopper tote..
Vinyl covered shopper tote
Once covered, I added a binder clip at the top to hold my shopper tote together.
So organized!
Now, when I'm headed off to the market...I simply reach into my trunk and grab my shopper tote and go! 
Use the handles of one of your totes as the shopper tote handle



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