Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Five Travel Tips for a Desperate Dandy

Five Travel Tips for a Desperate Dandy
Five Travel Tips for a Desperate Dandy
It’s that time of year when one gets the travel bug and begins to fly hither and yon looking for sun and adventure. Recently, my husband and I traveled overseas to tour the ancient ruins of Italy, Greece and Turkey. It was a wonderful trip full of history, interesting people and wonderful shopping. A good time was had indeed…until it was time to fly home...
Air travel is never fun, but as we touched down in Frankfurt for our connecting flight home, we learned that our flight to Dulles had been cancelled. Unfortunately, there were no more flights out that evening so we had to spend the night in a hotel by the airport. Now, I can survive staying overnight at an airport hotel, however, the real crisis came when I realized that all of my toiletries and fresh clothes were safely tucked away in our checked luggage back at the airport. What is a Dandy to do?! Unfortunately, it was too late for me, but for you dear reader, I’ve compiled a list of travel tips.

5 Travel Tips for a Desperate Dandy

  1. Always pack extra underwear, socks and an outfit in your carry on. I usually heed this advice, but this was the one time I packed everything in my checked luggage to make room for my various purchases of Greek sculptures and Italian bags. After having to turn my outfit inside out the next day…I will never make this mistake again.
  2. Be sure to place some travel size toiletries in your carry on (checkpoint approved). I always place my dopp kit in my checked luggage because I do not want to deal with security handling my various lotions, creams, and pomades. However, next time, I will make sure to pack small travel size versions of my face wash, body wash, pomade and moisturizer in my carry on. Trust me, it saves one from having to improvise (see tip #3).
  3. If one does forget to pack one’s pomade, I have learned that a spare tube of hand cream can come in handy to tame that coif.
  4. Pack a travel size packet of Woolite or Tide to freshen your wardrobe if trapped overnight at a hotel. Again, I learned this the hard way. If you don’t have room for an extra outfit in your carry on, be sure to carry a travel size packet of laundry detergent. If I had only done this, I wouldn’t have had such a rough ride home.
  5. Finally, as one travels and is facing a disagreeable public, just remember to breath. I can’t tell you how much energy I saved by just taking a deep breath and allowing the gentleman that apparently needed to get on the plane faster than me, to go in front of me. It allowed me to let go of my frustrations and enjoy an outsider’s view of the frenzied traveler.

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