Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Awakening

Spring is here! And if you’re like me, you want to celebrate with a fresh and spring like dinner party!

We recently hosted an Easter brunch for 8 and once the invitations were out, I…as one does…immediately began to think about my tablescape. I wanted something that would celebrate the season and the fresh feeling of spring.

So, after contemplating my theme, I began putting everything together starting with a colorful basket of fresh pansies. Purchased at my local grocery store, it was a convenient and dramatic anchor to my table.

To display my centerpiece, I placed the basket of pansies in a hand made twig tray that I’ve had for years and added some shredded paper “grass” to disguise the plastic pot.

After my centerpiece was complete, it was time to work on my place settings. I’ve created some fun and unique place card holders in my past, so with my creative juices flowing, I grabbed the last couple of bags of Easter eggs and some chocolates and headed home to work on my project.

I began by cutting a slit in the top of my eggs with my exacto knife…

and filled them with a chocolate surprise. I then created and printed out my place cards.

Once I assembled my egg place cards, by placing the card in the slit of the egg, I began building “nests.” To keep my eggs upright, I created little nests out of the shredded paper “grass” and rested them in our wedding china tea cup saucers.

Once everything was assembled, my guests were directed to their proper seats and enjoyed a little after dinner treat when they cracked their eggs open. 

Now, you may think to yourself. “That’s wonderful, but Easter is over.” Don’t worry, You can recreate this brunch setting without the “Easter” theme. Simply replace the Easter eggs with some foam or plastic robin's eggs and some twig nests and you have a beautiful spring table to greet your guests!

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