Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Sparkle

Summer is a time of sun and fun but don't forget the sparkle!

With trips to the beach and laying out in your backyard your diamonds are bound to get a little messy what with the sunblock, tanning oil and moisturizers. Don't fret though.

You can easily clean them and get that new ring sparkle using the Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik.

And with it's small pen like design you can carry it with you wherever your summer travels take you!

Grab your stik and go!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Summer Shore Reading Suggestions

As the summer heat creeps in, my thoughts instantly turn to the beach and languid afternoons spent listening to the sounds of the surf as I quietly read a book in the rays of the warming sun. To help you get into the summer mood, I’ve listed a few dandy suggestions that will help you fill an afternoon of sun and literary fun.

My first suggestion may not seem like your typical beach read. However, as I read Edward Rutherfurd’s new novel, Paris, I was taken away to a different time and place…and isn’t that what you want in a summer read?! When I first saw the release of Rutherfurd’s novel, I was excited to reminisce and discover more about all the places my husband and I had visited while touring the city of lights. As I shadowed the lives of each character, from the street urchins of Montmartre to the wealthy aristocratic families, I became immersed in the rich history and violent past of this beautiful city.

Running at 832 pages, I would recommend reading this ambitious work on your e-reader and not lugging the thick tome around. However, if one were to carry the hardcopy version around, there is always the chance that you might catch the eye of someone who’s looking for a brain along with that brawn.

My next dandy suggestion for the tanned bibliophile is one of my all-time favorites. I first discovered Frank Decaro’s book, A Boy Named Phyllis: A Suburban Memoir, as I was scouring the book store for something interesting to read. As I came upon the cover, I had no choice but to purchase it and find out what this quirky book was all about. This gay coming-of-age story is as hilarious as it is heartwarming. Almost instantly, my boyhood self connected with this little outsider trying to make his way through the perils of growing up gay in Little Falls, New Jersey. With his witty one liners and hilarious turn of phrases, Decaro will have you laughing out loud and reminiscing about your own childhood angst.
The Dandy Meets the Beekman Boys
Another suggestion for those looking for a summer beach read is Josh Kilmer-Purcell’s, The Bucolic Plague: How Two Manhattanites Became Gentlemen Farmers. You may remember Josh and his partner Brent from their show “The Beekman Boys” or from their win on the recent “Amazing Race.” This fun and touching memoir chronicles the adventures of this dandy duo as they purchase the Beekman Mansion and surrounding farm in Sharon Springs, NY. As they work to restore the historic mansion and struggle through the renovations and day to day trials, this memoir reveals a loving and committed couple living their life and enriching their community along the way. 

There you have it. Some dandy suggestions that I hope will brighten your day at the beach and keep you entertained all summer long!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kitchen Prep

After much thought and deliberation my husband Brian and I have finally chosen our kitchen remodel design.

Not satisfied with the current look...

We worked with Kitchentune-up on a new design. We will begin by having our wooden cabinets refaced with a bamboo wood veneer and top it off with a Cambria snowdon white countertop and Amerock modern hardware.

Can't wait for the finished design!
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