Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fresh Face for Spring

As spring arrives, at least on the calendar, I’m feeling the urge to update my tech accessories. As one does in the changing seasons, I’ve become bored with my brown woven ipad mini cover.

It looked great in the fall and winter, but I need something bright and fresh for Spring. 

After scouring ebay and amazon for a new and interesting cover, I became very frustrated. Most of the covers I saw did not appeal to me and the one I loved was no longer available. What’s a Dandy to do?!

After pondering my dilemma, I came up with the idea of simply putting a fresh face on my old cover. Not only is it green to reuse the same cover, but it also helps keep my closet clear of stacked up previously used covers…something my husband can appreciate.

So, off to the hardware store I went to find a paint in a bright hue that works on plastic. I found what I was looking for in Krylon Fusion For Plastic Spray Paint. After choosing a glossy navy blue, I simply taped off the decorative element on my cover, placed my cover on a piece of kraft paper and sprayed away!

Please remember to take your ipad out of its cover
before spraying the cover.

The result is a fresh and updated cover that says HELLO to spring and saved me a little change in the process.

Now, if only the spring weather would arrive!

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